Adidas Finale 20

Adidas Finale 20

The Adidas Finale 20 is a new ball that Adidas has prepared specifically for the UEFA Champions League 2020-2021.

The best football tournament in Europe deserves the best ball, doesn’t it? That is why we will see this gorgeous Adidas Finale 20 on the Champions League soccer fields this autumn.

According to a long tradition, this ball is decorated with the stars of the Champions League logo. In this ball, we see the development of a design idea in which the seams in the form of stars are connected asymmetrically. It started in 2019 and it was a pretty daring experiment. Adidas Finale 20 has white stars that are bordered by contrasting blue outlines. Several shades of orange as the ball spins create the impression that each star is emitting rays of energy.

In addition, there is another small innovation. This ball has a texture in the form of small stars that create a unique surface relief. Overall, this is an excellent ball for top-tier matches.

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