Adidas Finale 19 Winter

adidas finale 19 winter

If the ball for the summer part of the Champions League games turned out to be an incredible sensation, what can we expect from the model for the winter season? The winter part of the 2019-2020 Champions League was really hot. It was a time of restoration of the great European clubs, which paved their way into the final part of the tournament without much effort.

Adidas introduced a suitable ball for winter football battles. This beautiful, vibrant Adidas Finale 19 Winter is literally energized, isn’t it?

So we see a bright ball with asymmetrically connected seams in the form of stars of the Champions League. The background structure of this ball is the same as the background of the ball for the summer season. However, the combination of blue and orange colors looks more stylish and unusual. This ball is really the perfect choice for matches in snowy weather.

Technically, Adidas Finale 19 Winter is a flawless ball. Asymmetrical stars, it seems, only improved the rebound and aerodynamic characteristics of Adidas balls. This is probably why the Champions League matches delight us with such virtuoso unforgettable goals.

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