Adidas Finale Munich

Adidas Finale Munich

Adidas Finale Munich is the official ball of the final part of the UEFA Champions League 2011-2012. It was in this season that the balls for the final were allowed to be used not only in the final match, but in all matches after the group stage. If we look at the construction of this ball we will not see any differences from the previous ball for UEFA Champions League.

Thermal bonding technology is also available here. The ball panels are in the shape of Champions League stars. The outer layer of the ball has a convex relief for perfect grip and excellent control. Adidas Finale Munich has excellent aerodynamic performance. So this is probably one of the most technologically advanced balls in the world.

Let’s look at the design. It’s a really beautiful look, although it’s pretty hard to make an ugly ball with these stars, is it? We see a classic white background and stars that consist of different shades of blue, green and yellow. These colors mean the urban combination of glass and metal, which you can notice in modern German architecture. The Alliance Arena stadium in Munich has also been styled to match this color combination. It was this stadium that became the venue for the 2012-2012 Champions League final.

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