Adidas Finale 1

In 2001, a historic event took place in the world of European football. The largest club competition in Europe has received a new official Adidas ball. The collaboration of the Champions League and Adidas will give us a huge number of incredible goals. But it all started in 2001.

So this is the first Champions League ball ever created by Adidas designers and engineers. It is here that we first see a great design solution in the form of using large stars as the main pattern. Even modern Champions League balls in 2020 have the same pattern. It has become a true tradition that I hope will last forever.

Technologically, this ball is no different from Terrestra Silverstream. Adidas Finale 1 is likewise constructed from 32 pentagonal and hexagonal panels, which are held together with durable seams. You can see a gray star with dark edging on each pentagonal panel. The white background looks like a soccer goal net. Adidas Finale 1 became the official ball of the 2001-2002 UEFA Champions League. This historic ball is quite rare today.

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