Adidas Final Milano

Adidas Final Milano is probably one of the brightest balls of the Champions League. This ball was created specifically for the final part of the Champions League 2016. Millions of people around the world watched as two clubs from Madrid cracked down on their rivals to meet each other in the final. As a result, Real could defeat Atletico only in the penalty shootout.

If we look at this ball we will see a bright silver sphere which is formed by the traditional stars of the Champions League. Silver-black gamut symbolizes the famous San Siro stadium. It was this stadium of Milan that became the venue for the final battle of the Champions League 2015-2016. The ball looks more contrasting and noticeable because of the large wide black lines that are located along the stars. However, Adidas Final Milano is a very bright and white ball. If it had snowed in the summer, it would probably have taken one of the Champions League winter balls.

Technically, this ball is no different from the previous few balls of the Adidas Champions League. There are a familiar texture coating and world-famous technology for joining panels using high temperatures. Adidas Final Milano has an excellent aerodynamic performance. During training, you can feel a great bounce of this ball, combined with a pleasant weight.

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