Adidas Europa League 2017/18 Winterball

Adidas Europa League 2017 Winterball

Europa League also takes place in the winter, right? Not only balls with stars should have a winter equivalent. The Europa League also delights football stars and spectators with bright orange balls that are specially adapted for snowy weather. So in the 2017/18 season, we see a winter ball with the tournament cup logo in the center. Waves of energy that diverge from the center to the periphery look even cooler in the blue-orange color scheme. This bright orange ball is perfectly visible to players and fans.

The outer layer is made in the form of a special texture that helps control the ball in conditions of high humidity. Thermal bonding technology leaves no chance for bad weather to affect the game. This is truly one of the best winter balls ever.

By the way, this is the last Adidas ball for the Europa League. At least for today. This is quite difficult to believe, but the German giant was indeed squeezed from the fields of the second most important European tournament.

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