Adidas Europa League 2013/14

Adidas Europa League 2013

This is clearly one of the most stylish Europa League balls. When we pick up this beautiful Adidas Europa League 2013/14, we see a symbiosis of technology and design art.

The ball is formed by rounded panels that are connected using thermal bonding technology. Today it is the most technologically advanced way to create soccer balls. The texture in the form of small protrusions on the outer layer allows you to control the ball as efficiently as possible. In general, the ball has a pleasant weight and a perfect bounce. This will be noticed by a world football star and a professional freestyle football player.

The appearance of this ball continues the fine tradition of using yellow and dark orange colors. In fact, these are the official colors of the entire tournament. In the central parts of the ball, we can see an unusual pattern. This is a stylized image of the Europa League Cup, which is illuminated by the spotlights of the stadium. Some football commentators write that the design of this ball is related to the design of Adidas Final 13, which is the official ball of the UEFA Champions League 2013/14.

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