Adidas Europa League 2012/13

Europa League 2012/13 was devoid of intrigue, in fact. Chelsea was originally the main favorite. No one doubted who would become the champion. It was probably one of the most predictable European tournaments ever. The guys from London expectedly demolished everyone on their way to the championship.

However, the tournament had a rather significant intrigue, which was associated with a new ball for the fifth European League score in history. Adidas ran a fairly powerful advertising campaign to introduce a new Adidas Europa League 2012/13. Let’s try to evaluate this ball.

So this is a tech ball that has a great bounce and top aerodynamic qualities. This is not surprising, because the Adidas Europa League 2012/13 is based on Adidas Tango. You can also feel the familiar texture of the outer layer of the ball. The location of these protrusions is not accidental – the leading Adidas engineers found that it was this design that helps to control the ball most effectively in any weather. This is perfect construction and there really is nothing to complain about.

Now let’s look at the design. We have already said that the combination of dark orange and yellow for Europa League balls is a real tradition. This is similar to the stars of the Champions League balls. In our case, this tradition is strictly observed. We can also note an unusual pattern that resembles a clasp for old-school balls. So this is one of the best balls in history. However, this is a fairly rare ball. If you can buy it, then do it without hesitation.

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