Adidas Errejota

Adidas Errejota is the official ball of FIFA Club World Cup 2015. This ball has the same construction as the famous Brazuсa. That is why we can be sure that this is a very high-quality ball with perfect bounce and pleasant weight, which is felt when juggling and executing kicks.

However, we see a fundamentally new design. If you remember, the design of Brazuсa and its derivatives differed in that the pattern coincided with the joints of the panels. Adidas Errejota has a fundamentally new style – we see a minimalistic, abstract pattern in the form of yellow and green triangles on small gray stripes. All this is set against a noble white background. It looks really stylish and minimalistic.

Adidas Errejota was very successful. This ball is also the official ball of the 2016 Olympic Games and Japanese J League 2016.

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