Adidas Uefa Supercup 2016

adidas uefa supercup 2016

Adidas Uefa Supercup 2016 is the official match ball for the 2016 UEFA Super Cup. As you know, the UEFA Super Cup is an unusual tournament. This is a tournament that consists of only one match. In this match, the winner of the UEFA Champions League and the winner of the UEFA Europa League meet.

And yet, Adidas regularly create very cool balls even for a tournament that consists of one match. This season’s UEFA Super Cup ball is based on the construction of the Brazuca ball. However, the appearance of this ball is very specific and stylized in the main colors of the UEFA Super Cup. We see a beautiful white background and blue-green stripes that are reminiscent of the design of the Beau Jeu ball.

Technologically, this is a great ball with a perfect bounce and textured surface. All parts of this ball are connected by heat sealing without a single seam.

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