Umbro Tristar

Umbro Tristar is one of the most technologically advanced balls from Umbro. The famous British ball maker has abandoned the usual technology of making balls with strong seams. As a result, the world saw an excellent model Umbro Tristar, able to compete with the balls of Adidas and Nike. The cover is another design feature of this ball. Unlike other Umbro balls, Tristar has an embossed texture on the outer layer. This allows perfect ball control in all weather conditions. As a rule, goalkeepers are especially fond of these balls.

Umbro’s designers tend to prefer conservative designs with classic white backgrounds and dark patterns. This time, we again see a white background and a stylish abstract pattern with three protrusions. Overall, it is a stylish and quality ball that can be used in tournaments of various levels. Also Umbro Tristar can be a good choice for street soccer and panna matches.

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