Uhlsport Elysia Conforama

ulsport conforama

Uhlsport Elysia Conforama is the official ball of the French League 1 season 2018-2019. So, this was the continuation of the partnership between the Ligue 1 managers and the German maker of football equipment Uhlsport. Last season’s ball was really excellent, so the practical German engineers avoided any construction changes to the new ball.

However, we are seeing design changes. The combination of acid green and gray was replaced with pink and dark blue. The gradient of colored patterns around the center panels has disappeared. Instead, we see clear borders that form pentagonal white areas. But an excellent design find in the form of a pattern similar to the net of a football goal remains in its usual place. In the center of the dark blue panel, we can see the yellow logo of the strongest French championship and the name of the ball.

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