Teamgeist WWC

Teamgeist WWC

Adidas Teamgeist WWC s the official ball of the 2007 FIFA Women’s World Cup in China. Many years have passed, but the creation of the Teamgeist is still a major revolution in the creation and design of soccer balls. Despite conflicting opinions about this ball, it was an incredible breakthrough. For the first time, the world saw a top-end soccer ball, which consisted of rounded parts fastened together without a single seam.

After the triumphant World Cup 2006, Adidas designers did not stop and consolidate their success. Football fields of different countries and continents received stylish, technological balls based on Adidas Teamgeist. The most famous balls are MLS Teamgeist, Adidas Finale 6, and, of course, this beautiful Teamgeist WWC.

All Teamgeist balls have excellent rebound and good aerodynamics. From a design standpoint, Classic Teamgeist is brilliant work. The good color combination, the beautiful rounded shapes, and the combination with the ball structure create a memorable appearance that has become a benchmark in the sports equipment industry.

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