Red Bull Tokyo Monta Ball


Red Bull Tokyo Monta Ball is the official ball of the final part of the 2013 Red Bull Street Style in Tokyo. Indeed, Japan has become the host country for the 2013 Red Bull Street Style Final. It was really very entertaining and tough final. The final opponents were Szymon Skalski from Poland and Charly Iacono from Argentina. As a result, Szymon became the winner of Red Bull Street Style – 2013.

In 2013, Monta was still the main partner of the Red Bull Street Style, and to be honest, it was very cool. The collaboration between Red Bull and Monta has brought the world some great freestyle football balls. Each of these balls has a truly cult status.

And this ball was no exception. Monta RBSS Tokyo is a stylish lightweight ball made from black denim. Several panels display the flag of Japan, Japanese characters and the Red Bull logo. All other panels contain dragons, which are the main symbol of Monta. Today it is a fantastically rare ball. Each copy of the Monta Tokyo RBSS is an adornment of any collection of balls.

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