Puma Ligue 1 09/10

Puma Ligue 1 09-10

Puma Ligue 1 09/10 is the official ball of the Ligue 1 season 2009-2010. It is a sturdy, quality ball with almost classic angular panels. To connect the panels, Puma engineers used reliable seams that are located as deep as possible. This eliminates the influence of weather conditions on the weight of the ball.

In terms of design, this ball looks really impressive. The light circle with the dark logo looks a bit like Nike Total 90. In addition, these balls have very similar aerodynamics. So, it is a very high-quality ball that is ideal for competitions and tournaments of any level. After the release of Puma Ligue 1 09/10, Puma continued cooperation with the strongest championship in France.

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