Puma Accelerate


Puma Accelerate is the official La Liga ball for the 2020-2021 season. This is the second Puma model for the strongest championship in Spain. As you remember, the La Liga bosses ended their cooperation with Nike due to the fact that the American corporation supplied almost the same balls to several championships. So what kind of ball did La Liga fans see in 2020? Let’s find out this.

Puma Accelerate is a quality ball with good aerodynamics. The heat seal technology and additional foam layer provide excellent control and a pleasant feeling of heaviness during juggling and speed dribbling. Airlock technology ensures the longest possible time without re-inflating with air. Each of the 8 flat panels has an unusual angular shape. The outer layer is covered with a special texture that enhances ball control in all weather conditions.

What about the design? So this is a superb, stylish ball with a white background and an abstract pattern with traditional Spanish colors. The Puma logo is localized in the center of the pattern. Also, we see the logos of La Liga and FIFA.

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