Puma Accelerate 2

puma accelerate 2 la liga

Puma Accelerate 2 is the official ball of La Liga 2021-2022. Many people say that the change of the ball supplier was good for La Liga. However, many fans and gamers still believe that Nike was the preferred option. Let’s evaluate this ball to shape our attitude towards this discussion.

So, we see a stylish ball, which is decorated with a bright orange pattern. This figure has a white background. A bit like the UEFA Europa League balls, doesn’t it? Puma Accelerate 2 consists of eight flat panels that are heat-sealed together. These panels have an unusual polygonal shape. According to Puma engineers, this design guarantees perfect ball flight. The top layer of this ball is very different from the texture of the previous Puma La Liga ball. Here we see the top layer in the form of convex pyramids. This terrain is very dense, in contrast to the texture of the Puma Adrenalina. This technology helps control the ball during heavy rains and snowy winter months.

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