Nike Total 90 Omni


The uncontrolled dominance of the Nike Aerow models lasted several years in many European championships. However, in 2008, the corporation introduced the new Nike Total 90 Omni. In the construction of this beautiful ball, you can see several interesting things. For example, some panels are rounded. This will allow the impact force to be immediately distributed evenly throughout the ball. This ball is created for perfectly accurate passes and beautiful goals.

Field players expressed their admiration for the creators of this ball. Many European football stars have noted that with a good hit, this ball takes on an incredible trajectory. At the same time, goalkeepers said that this is one of the most comfortable balls ever. The goalkeeper from the Netherlands Edwin van Der Sar broke the Premier League record with this ball. His goal remained impenetrable for 21 matches.

Designers Nike also pleasantly surprised professional players and football fans. Instead of the usual circles on the ball is a stylish pattern of three stripes that connect in the center. Like other balls from the American sports corporation, Nike Total 90 Omni was produced in different color schemes for different tournaments. For example, here you see the red and yellow Nike Total 90 Omni, which is the official Premier League ball for 2008-2009.

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