Nike Total 90 Aerow II 06/07 La Liga

nile 06-07 la liga

Nike Total 90 Aerow II 06/07 La Liga is the official ball of the Spanish La Liga for the 2006-2007 season. Technologically, this ball does not differ from the official Premier League ball of the 2007-2008 season. Also, we do not see any design differences between these balls, except for the tournament logos, which are not visible from this angle.

In those days, many football fans compared Adidas balls for the Champions League and Nike balls for national competitions. The German corporation has just presented the world with a new super-technological seamless Teamgeist and many expected something like this from Nike. However, Nike relied on the seam construction and multi-layer panel structure. Many football players from top clubs have noted the stability and controllability of the T90’s flight. Also, a huge number of amateur tournaments have used this ball.

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