Nike Seitiro

In 2011, Nike Corporation introduced the first-ever ball for the European Championships, which was not part of the T90 line. The new ball turned out to be stylish, technological, and convenient sports equipment. This is Nike Seitiro. Despite the stubborn disregard for thermal bonding technology, Nike engineers tried to squeeze as much technology and ideas as possible to create this beautiful ball. It turned out cool, actually.

We can see a beautiful, bright ball, which consists of rounded panels. To cover, as before, Nike engineers used five layers. Microtexture in the form of oval depressions was added to the outermost layer. This improves control and allows you to better transfer, score goals, and make saves. Thus, it was the most technologically advanced ball among balls without thermal bonding.

This ball has a truly memorable appearance. You can see the perfect combination of blue and orange. These colors fit perfectly into the pattern, similar to the pattern of the previous Nike ball. Nike Seitiro was used in the championships of England, Italy, and Spain in 2011-2012.

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