Nike Ordem 5 Seria A

nike ordem 5 seria a

Nike Ordem 5 Seria A is the official Serie A ball for the 2017-2018 seasons. Some things seem to really fit together perfectly. For example, this is the strongest championship in Italy and the American sports megacorporation – Nike. These guys are joining forces so that football fans around the world can see great matches every season.

A lot of sites talk about how cool Italian football is. However, I will talk about how good the Nike Ordem 5 is. So this is a really great ball that is made up of 12 flat multilayer panels. This ball has no seams because Nike engineers have been using thermal bonding technology for several years. Also here we can see another interesting detail. I mean the elements of the pattern that are printed on a 3D printer. Nike ensures that this improves aerodynamic.

And what about the design? This ball has a lighter background than the previous model. Of course, this is a step towards the classic look of a soccer ball. Overall, Nike Ordem 5 Seria A looks very cool and stylish. Nike is deservedly the main partner of many of the strongest European leagues.

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