Nike Ordem 4 La Liga


Nike Ordem 4 La Liga is the official ball of La Liga 2016-2017. The combination of orange and blue is fairly typical of Spanish football. The design of this ball is dominated by traditional Spanish colors – blue and orange. This is not the color scheme of the national flag, however, many of the great Spanish clubs and the national team often appeared in front of fans in football uniforms in these colors.

Unlike Nike Ordem 3, this ball has more noticeable darker contours. As you can see, these lines coincide with the joint areas of the panels. Gradient patterns are located inside these pentagons. Nike fans may have noticed that the designers of this excellent company have been using color gradients a lot lately. Incidentally, as in previous seasons, Nike designers and engineers stated that this design provides excellent visual control for referees, players, and fans.

Technologically, this ball does not differ from the previous two balls for La Liga.

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