Nike Ordem 4 FA Cup

Nike Ordem 4 FA Cup is the official ball of the FA Cup 2016-2017. Technologically, this ball does not have any differences from other models of Nike Ordem 4. This is why Nike Ordem 4 FA Cup has excellent aerodynamic characteristics and excellent rebound.

If we look at the design, we can see that the guys at Nike always design very carefully the look of each ball. All the latest models are specially designed in collaboration with ophthalmologists and physiologists. The main goal of these developments is to create a ball that would be ideal for visual control on the football field during the most dynamic moments. We can also note the aesthetically pleasing pattern and the cool combination of blue and dark orange colors.

So this is a very high quality and comfortable ball. Today you can buy it in sports stores, but in a few years it will become a real rarity.

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