Nike Ordem 4 CBF BCA

Nike Ordem 4 CBF BCA 1

The modern football community is very closely integrated into social problems. It’s great when these problems can be solved with the help of football. A great example of this is the special Nike Ordem 4 CBF BCA ball, which was created to draw public attention to the problem of breast cancer.

This is a very convenient and technological ball. When it was created, thermal bonding technology was used. This ball was used for the qualification match of the 2018 World Cup between the national teams of Brazil and Chile.

Football fans have probably noticed that this ball is almost a complete copy of Nike Ordem 4. Minor changes apply only to the color scheme. The hot pink color is an international symbol for the fight against breast cancer, so this ball looks like that. Nike released this ball in very small quantities. Therefore, until now, many collectors dream of getting this Nike Ordem 4 CBF BCA on their shelves.

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