Nike Ordem 3 FA Cup

Nike Ordem 3 FA Cup is the official FA Cup ball 2015-2016. The world’s oldest soccer tournament deserves the world’s finest soccer balls, doesn’t it? That is why the Football Association of England in 2015-2016 continued cooperation with Nike. As a result, we see one of the best balls ever. The construction of this ball consists of 12 panels, which are connected by means of thermal bonding. The famous Nike Aerowtrac technology improves ball control in the most challenging weather conditions.

We also see great design. Note that Nike ball makers work in collaboration with experts from other fields. For example, the color scheme of a ball is a collection of several shades of orange interspersed with white areas. This color combination is optimal for perfect visual control. This is confirmed by multiple studies and tests with ophthalmologists and physicists. Plus, the combination of orange, white and blue looks very stylish. Also on the ball we see the logos of Nike, FIFA and the FA Cup.

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