Nike Ordem 2 Seria A

nike ordem 2 seria a

Nike has finally introduced a ball without a single thread to the world. The American sports mega-corporation has long tried to compete with Adidas, opposing their own balls with seams to thermally sealed balls from German sport giant. In the 2014-2015 season, Nike introduced several balls for the largest European leagues. Each ball had a special design – these were the first Nike balls in history without a single seam.

The strongest Italian championship received such a ball. How do you like this wonderful Nike Ordem 2 Seria A? So, this ball consists of 12 panels that are connected by gluing at high temperature and strong pressure. Each panel consists of three layers of different density. This allows the impulse to be evenly distributed across the ball and ultimately improves aerodynamics. Also this ball has much better control in rainy and snowy weather.

Like the previous Nike balls, Ordem 2 has a rather strange coloring. If you look closely at this ball, you will most likely notice a strange and overly bright appearance. Nevertheless, Nike engineers claim that this design provides maximum visual control during the most dynamic moments of the match. To be honest, this is true. Fans and football players alike claim that this ball is indeed very noticeable in contrast. 


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