Nike Ordem 2 La Liga

ordem 2 la liga

It should have happened sometime, right? Nike Ordem 2 is the official La Liga ball for the 2014-2015 season. And yes, it really is Nike’s first seamless ball in the history of major European championships. In 2013, several European National Championships at once received these wonderful balls. Let’s take a look at the ball that went to La Liga.

So this is a very cool ball. Technologically, Ordem 2 is not inferior to modern Adidas models. If you try to practice with this ball, you will feel a pleasant weight and excellent bounce. Also, now the weather has ceased to have any effect on the weight of the ball – the strongest showers cannot make this ball even a gram heavier.

The color scheme of this ball is rather strange. The acrid green color meets quite a lot of doubts among ball design connoisseurs. However, the guys from Nike assure that in the dynamic moments of the game, this particular ball is most noticeable for all participants in the match.

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