Nike NK 800 Geo

Nike NK 800 Geo

This is the first official Champions League ball in history. It’s strange that a tournament that has existed since 1955 only got its own ball in 1999. However, Nike NK 800 Geo was a very cool ball. And it was a great solution from a design point of view. You can see a stylish and sleek design in the form of a Nike logo with a gold trim. Above this logo is the recognizable asymmetric ball of the Champions League. On the background there is a pattern in the form of many small stars.

For that time it was a pretty tech ball. Firstly, strong cotton threads are located very deep. Also several synthetic layers provide excellent control and lightness of the ball. Nike NK 800 Geo responds well to weather changes and during the game in rainy weather you will not feel any changes in the weight and density of the ball.

By the way, the Champions League 1998-1999 was remembered not only the first official ball of the tournament in history. Also in this tournament, many bright, unpredictable matches were played. The real decoration of the tournament was the final, in which Manchester United defeated Bavaria in extra time.


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