Nike Merlin Seria A Hi-Vis

nike merlin seria a hi-vis

Nike Merlin Seria A Hi-Vis is the official winter ball for Series A 2018-2019. Technologically, this ball does not differ from the summer version. But we see very significant changes in the color scheme. The white background has been replaced with a bright yellow, and the blue Nike logo is now red.

Indeed, this ball is very similar to the La Liga and Premier League winter balls. It is said that because of this, the managers of the La Liga ended its partnership with Nike and entered into an agreement with Puma. On the other hand, Nike has created a great winter ball that is perfectly adapted for snowy weather. Several championships have reached the top level at once, and many football superstars and fans believe that this is fair and right.

In any case, not a single Serie A winter match has become an uncomfortable sight for fans because this ball has really great characteristics for the cold season.

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