Nike Merlin 2020

nike merlin 2020

Nike Merlin 2020 is the second official summer ball of the Premier League 2019-2020. Yes, the managers of the Premier League and Nike have entered into an agreement to release three balls per season instead of the usual two. In addition to the traditional summer ball and the bright winter ball, there will be another ball for the second half of the championship.

Nike Merlin 2020 became just such a third ball. And this is the first time three different balls have been used in the history of the Premier League.

Against the white background of the Nike Merlin 2020, we see the already familiar three-leaf pattern, which is associated with the three-leaf shape of the ball panel. Each of the three components has the logo of the Premier League, Nike, or the main trophy of the tournament. There is a large orange circle on top of these logos. By the way, another name for this ball is “Tunnel Vision”. This is reflected in the design – a bright orange spot symbolizes the dedication and 100% concentration of a real champion who sees only the goal and nothing more.

Technologically, this ball does not differ from the two previous balls of the 2019-2020 season.

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