Nike Maxim


The new seasons of the European Championships 2012 were an excellent occasion to present the world with a new ball. The American sports corporation Nike presented probably the most technologically advanced ball of the time. Among the balls without thermal bonding, of course. Let’s see how Nike responded to his formidable German rival this time.

Here is the ball Nike Maxim. This is a pleasant to the touch, moderately heavy ball that feels great during dribbling, juggling, or shots on goal. You will appreciate this ball if you like to train free kicks or corner kicks. Also, if you play the goalkeeper position, you will clearly appreciate the pleasant coating, which enhances the adhesion of your gloves to this ball.

Nike spent quite a lot of money promoting this ball. You may have heard the announcement of the new Geo II Balanced technology to maximize the impact on the goal. Several videos were also shot in which the stars of the English championship trained with such balls and talked about their advantages. In this picture, you see a Nike Maxim made especially for the FA Cup 2012-2013.

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