Monta Streetmatch Shredder


How do you imagine the perfect ball for street football? What should this ball look like? What should this ball be made of? The guys from the company Monta believe that the perfect ball should consist of dragon saliva. At least that’s what they say about one of their best street soccer balls.

So let’s take a look at this incredible Monta Streetmatch Shredder. This is a bright, colorful ball, which is decorated with traditional Monta dragons. The dark background is formed with a dragon scale texture. On top of this texture are dragons of bright red and bright green colors. Monta Streetmatch Shredder has a low rebound and a dense denim overlay. It is very similar to the Monta Street Matchball, in fact. This is a very convenient ball for intense street football or panna matches. Also, this ball is perfect for freestyle soccer players who practice groundmoves tricks and combinations.

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