Monta Bright Orange Ball

This is something like Adidas winter balls, isn’t it? Yes, that’s what the pretty popular Monta Bright Orange Ball model looks like.

So we see a classic Monta Freestyle soccer ball. This is a great rebound familiar to us, perfect grip on shoes, and constant dragons on hexagonal panels. The manufacturer claims that Monta denim cover does not become more worn out from training on asphalt and covering fields for street football. However, to be honest, the ideal cover for training with this ball is artificial turf or smooth wooden floor.

Football freestylers are often forced to get used to Monta balls. These balls are really very different from Adidas or Nike balls. However, after some time, the athlete thinks that the installation is the best ball ever. Monta is especially suitable for those who practice two-reverse and three-rev tricks, as well as slap tricks and acrobatic elements.

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