Monta Atsutane Freestyler Ball



In those days, when I was a freestyle football player, I trained with such a ball. It was not my ball, but my friend gave it to me to stretch and work out some combinations. If I had guessed to put a camera in those days, now in this article you would see a couple of video frames with simple combinations.

Monta Atsutane Freestyler Ball is one of the best sports equipment ever. This ball is covered with a fairly soft denim, which makes it seem a little larger than it actually is. It is great for control, with it you get tricks from any discipline. Unfortunately, this Monta Ball is no longer available even in online-shops, and it is very difficult to buy it.

I am a true fan of design solutions from engineers from the company Monta. And in my opinion this stylish biker ball is one of the most beautiful and stylish balls in the world.


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