Molten Europa League 2018/19 Finale

Molten Europa League 2018 Finale

Incredible guys from the company Molten continued to conquer the Europa League with their new masterpiece that was created specifically for the final part of the tournament. Just look at this new bright Molten Europa League 2018/19 Finale. It seems that the designers from the Japanese corporation have found their own style – we already see the third and clearly not the last ball, which is decorated with bright yellow angular patterns.

And what about aerodynamic?  So we see a technological ball, which consists of hexagonal and pentagonal panels. Molten successfully mastered the technology of thermal bonding and now every top ball of this company is created in this way. The surface of the ball is similar to the texture of golf balls. This improves ball control even in difficult weather conditions.

By the way, the final match of the UEFA Europa League 2019 was the London Derby. Chelsea defeated Arsenal 4-1. Posters of the final match of the tournament were stylized under the Molten Europa League 2018/19 Finale ball.
In general, this is a very high-quality and beautiful ball. We hope that Molten will continue to cooperate with European tournaments and delight us with new technological balls.


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