MLS Teamgeist 2 Final

MLS Teamgeist 2 Final

MLS Teamgeist 2 Final is the official ball of the MLS 2008-2009 Final. MLS Teamgeist 2 Final continues an unusual tradition that began a season earlier. We are referring to the partnership agreement between Adidas and MLS executives to supply special balls for the final matches.

This ball is one of the representatives of the Teamgeist 2 series. Here we see a visual extension of the panel, which is shaped like an infinity sign. In fact, the design of this ball is similar to the Adidas Teamgeist, but the drawing creates the illusion that these details are larger and wider.

Technologically, this is a great ball with excellent aerodynamics. The guys from Adidas risked a lot when creating the ball from 14 panels, however, they won the jackpot. Today this ball is very expensive and rare.

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