Etrusco Unico Olympic Games

Etrusco Unico Olympics

Etrusco Unico Olympic Games is the official soccer ball of the 1992 Summer Olympics. In fact, this ball was a variation of the official ball of the 1990 World Cup in Italy. Technologically, these balls have no differences. In terms of design, this Olympic ball features the official logo of the 1992 Olympic Games, as well as the famous symbol of the world Olympic movement. The patterns of this ball are stylized as antiquity. This fits perfectly with the Olympic logo as the first Olympic Games were held in ancient Greece. In addition, the striking Olympic logo matches the monochrome design of the Adidas ball.

A slight change in the design of the Olympics ball was a very significant step for that time. It is these small, bold design and management decisions that have given us a huge variety of soccer balls in modern days.

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