Adidas Terrestra Silverstream

Adidas Terrestra Silverstream1

Adidas Terrestra Silverstream is the official ball of the European Championship 2000, which took place in Belgium and the Netherlands. Adidas engineers introduced a ball that combined a classic 32-panel design with technical innovation. First of all, it was about coverage. A layer of polyurethane foam was added to the outer layers of the coating. This innovation has made the ball easier and more controllable. However, it was a ball in which cotton threads were used to hold the panels together.

You have already noticed the rather unusual design of this ball, have you? These silver glare on black patterns symbolize morning glare on many urban rivers in Belgium and the Netherlands. Locals call these rivers “silver streams”. City rivers bring a unique urban flavor to the look of these cozy European neighborhoods and avenues.

This ball gave luck to the French team, which defeated the Italian team in the tournament finals. Fans remembered the brilliant game of such stars like Zinedine Zidane, Paolo Maldini, Edgar Davids, and many others. By the way, it was Edgar Davids from Holland who would later create revolutionary denim-coated balls for freestyle football players


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