Adidas Telstar 18 Mechta

Adidas Telstar 18 Mechta

This ball has no fundamental differences from Adidas Telstar. In fact, this is a continuation of the tradition of highlighting the stages of the playoffs and finals using a special design of balls.

The aerodynamic performance of this ball is also excellent. This ball is an ideal ball for practicing any element of football or soccer freestyle. This ball is considered special and unique, so buying a Adidas Telstar 18 Mechta is a rather difficult task. The happy owners of this perfect sports equipment usually cherish it and use it exclusively for training and playing on high-quality football fields.

Adidas Telstar 18 Mechta is the official ball of the final part of the 2018 World Cup in Russia. By the way, this ball was also used as the official ball of FIFA Club World Cup 2018.

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