Adidas Pyrostorm Winterball


Adidas Pyrostorm Winterball is the official UEFA Champions League 2021/2022 ball for winter matches. As in previous seasons, winter weather cannot be a problem for football players and fans. Fans of the UEFA Champions League will have a lot of fun even if the snow covers the whole of Europe. Why am I so sure of this? Just look at this magnificent ball. Adidas Pyrostorm Winterball is an amazing technological ball that was created especially for winter matches.

The excellent aerodynamics that we noted in the summer ball is also present here. The thermal bonding technology, the relief structure of the surface and the special multi-layer structure of the panels guarantee control in the strongest snowfall.The ball’s appearance is also great. The bright orange color provides perfect vision for both field players and fans in the stands. It can also be noted that Adidas has very cool designers, because artists consider the combination of orange and blue to be one of the best ever.

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