Adidas Nativo 4 KCC

Adidas Nativo 4 KCC_

What do you know about childhood cancer? In fact, childhood cancer is very aggressive and fast. But at the same time, many types of childhood cancer are fundamentally curable diseases.

Major League Soccer regularly collaborates with foundations that fund cancer research and cancer care programs. Earlier in the MLS, we saw several balls that were dedicated to the fight against breast cancer. In 2018, MLS and Adidas created a ball dedicated to the problem of childhood cancer. And, in fact, Adidas Nativo 4 KCC is the most beautiful ball ever because it helps fund the fight against this terrible disease and save lives.

In general, Adidas Nativo 4 KCC does not differ from the previous ball of MLS and Adidas Telstar 18. It is a very high-quality ball with ideal aerodynamics, which is suitable for top-level matches.

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