Adidas Finale Lisbon

Adidas Finale Lisbon

We live in a great time. At least for aesthetics lovers, this is a really great time. Gone are the days when a soccer ball was just the round leather item. Modern balls are real objects of art.

Look at this luxurious Adidas Finale Lisbon. The design of this ball is inspired by the urban views of Lisbon, as well as the great achievements of the Portuguese people. As you know, Portuguese sailors have made a huge contribution to our knowledge of the world around us. The period of the Great Geographical Discoveries began and was supported by navigators, primarily from Portugal and Spain.

Various shades of blue and blue colors symbolize the endless blue of the oceans and seas. Drawings inside neighboring stars form the contours of the compass, which is the main tool of any sailor. The bright orange color symbolizes the roofs of Lisbon’s houses. This urban feature has made Lisbon a very famous city. The combination of blue and orange is considered one of the perfect combinations in the visual arts.

So Adidas Finale Lisbon is the official ball of the 2013-2014 UEFA Champions League’s final part. This is a ball that is technically no different from previous balls for the Champions League.

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