Adidas Finale 9


In the 2009-2010 Champions League season, Adidas goals continued their victorious march. During this period of total superiority of balls from the German manufacturer, no one thinks about something else. This is the last Champions League ball in history, which consists of rounded panels. Adidas engineers will be preparing something truly innovative for the next season.

If we talk about design, we see another incredibly beautiful and stylish ball. Adidas Finale 9 looks really amazing with a combination of black stars, red connecting lines and a silver border. It looks really cool. Also It is also a very noticeable ball. Any participant in the game has an excellent overview if using Adidas Finale 9.

Azun Anders Solum used this ball for a very long time for training and show programs. He is a very famous freestyle soccer player who won the 2010 Red Bull Street Style. This competition has the status of an official World Cup in Freestyle Football.

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