Adidas Finale 7



By 2007, Adidas was already in a period of steady prosperity. The total dominance of the super-round ball design proposed a year ago led to the use of Adidas balls in almost every international tournament. In fact, this was a time when the Adidas engineers could relax a bit and transfer part of their work to the designers.

The fact is that the design of the ball has not undergone any changes. It was the same ball, which consisted of 14 rounded panels. These panels were connected to each other by heat bonding.

Let’s look at the appearance of this ball. The classic stars of the Champions League fit perfectly on the rounded panels of this ball. Each star has a multi-layer edging of black and white stripes. In the center of each star there is a small bright area that follows the contours of the star. This creates the effect of volume and realism.

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