Adidas Finale 3

Adidas Finale 3 is the official ball of the 2003-2004 UEFA Champions League.This is a pretty technological ball for its time. The cover of this ball consists of several layers. One layer was a technological innovation. It was a layer of stable polyurethane with many small gas cavities. This change in the usual structure of the coating affected the rebound and aerodynamics of the new Adidas Finale 3. By the way, you may have noticed a similar design on Fevernova. As you remember, many football superstars spoke positively about these balls.

So, this is one of the first classic Champions League balls. We see 32 panels that are joined with strong quality seams. Incidentally, this is the last stitched ball in the history of the UEFA Champions League. The design of this ball is impeccable. We see classic dark blue stars on a white background. Probably the most iconic Champions League ball ever. Even the silver little stars pattern does not distort the overall minimalist style. This ball will forever go down in the history of the Champions League as the last ball with seams and as one of the most beautiful balls ever.


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