Adidas Finale 2

Adidas Finale 2 is the official ball for the 2002-2003 UEFA Champions League. In this season, Adidas engineers and designers decided to try new solutions. As a result, we see the canonical, classic Champions League ball. Black contrasting stars placed on a white background are very minimalistic and stylish.

Technologically, this ball is based on the Terrestra Silverstream construction. As you remember, this is the official ball for the 2000 UEFA Europa Cup. Thus, we see the familiar pentagonal and hexagonal panels that are held together by deep, strong seams. Each pentagonal panel has a bright black star with a silver edging. We also see the familiar logos of the Champions League and the Adidas company. The white background of this ball is decorated with small silver stars. This is the hallmark of early Champions League balls.

By the way, do you remember the legendary goal of Zidane against Bayer in the Champions League final? It was Adidas Finale 2 that flew into the gates of the German club. This goal was the defining point of the victory of Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League 2002-2003

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