Adidas Finale 15


The ball for the group stage of the UEFA Champions League 2015-2016 was created with a clear curtsy towards the city, which will host the final of this tournament.

So we see this Adidas Finale 15. This is a beautiful and stylish ball that is technically no different from several previous Adidas ball models. The ball has a beautiful, resilient multi-layer coating. If you try to juggle with this ball, you will feel a pleasant weight. It is also an excellent tool for practicing corners and free kicks.

As I said, the color style of this ball is associated with the medieval heraldry of Milan. On this coat of arms, the blue dragon devours a bright red man. It is believed that the founders of Milan defeated this monster and placed this image on their heraldry. That is why the ball consists of bright blue stars and thin red stripes.


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